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July 24, 2000, 11:13 PM
My Llama has the following marks:
Slide: left side - "LLAMA CAL .45"; right side - "GABILONDO Y CIA VITORIA (Espana)".

Receiver: left side bottom, above trigger guard - 3 stamped symbols: (1) square with "x" inside and what appears as a face with a crown, bottom of square not showing; (2) what appears as tongs with rounded handles and a "head" on top ... or like a diamond solitaire ring with the bottom of ring missing; (3) what appears as "7.2" but the decimal point is high between the numbers ... the "7" is not crossed as the usual europen seven. Right side - "Stoeger Industries, Inc. S. Hackensack N.J. Made in Spain"; right side bottom, above trigger guard - serial no. "A44xxx"; right side, right front side of trigger guard - "Y". Inside - "40F").

Barrel: "40F", also on the area exposed by ejection slot, what appears to be an Omega symbol (worn) with dark eliptical in center.

Mag: Stamped "Made in Spain". Eight sight holes on right side.

Walnut grips with brass "Llama" inserts.

Condition: Fair. Working, low reliability (random jams). Well used in the past. Strangely, very accurate. Adjustable rear sight.

Any info appreciated. Guestimate on overhaul cost? Can you define the "40F"? Hope it doesn't mean it's been converted to a .40 cal.


July 25, 2000, 08:07 AM
This page should answer some of your questions. http://personales.jet.es/apraiz/b_punzones.html This page lists Spanish marks. No serial number information though there is a year of proof mark listing.

James K
July 25, 2000, 11:45 AM
The Llama pistols are not, unfortunately, among the better ones. They have a lot of handwork and fitting, the metal is soft and internal parts are not always properly hardened.

If yours shoots well, use it as is, but I would not spend any money on it. Rebuilding it would not be cost effective, since the base platform simply is not there. I have compared the process to putting a V8 full race engine into a Yugo.


July 26, 2000, 06:38 AM
Thank you both for your replies.

The square with 'X' is a shields with crown atop - admission, between 1921-29. The"Y", I assume is 1953.

I know the metal is soft ... I've seen rough "gouges" where the slide has bounced through it's motion - and other indications.

I still would like to know the meaning of the "40F" on barrel and inside slide.

Thanks again.