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July 11, 2011, 11:20 PM
I just bought an Iver Johnson 32 S&W and I need info. Yes, I have been to the IJ site but couldn't find this model. The facts:

1.) Top of barrel: Iver Johnson's Arms & Cycle Works
Fitchburg, Mass. U.S.A

2.) Serial Number A585xx located under left grip panel ( Black Rubber)
Serial Number also on bottom of trigger guard with just number 585XX no letters.

3.) Pat. Aug 25.06 (located on bottom of Butt strap)
Pat Pending

4.) 3 inch barrel- 5 shot cylinder

5.) Top of grip panel has an Owl's Face facing at you. ( not facing barrel)

6.) I got a partial box of shells 50 but 12 are empty spaces- The box is Dupont Remington Center Fire Cartridges, "KLEANBORE" priming. They are marked 32 S&W R-P. Lead round nose.

7.) Front site is High blade, rear site is about 1/2 long grove.

8.) The cylinder is not free spinning when closed. It can be fired either single action (pulling the hammer back) or double action (pulling the trigger back)

This IJ is nickel plated but alot of the nickel is pealing off.
I can't seem to find anything on this model. I would like to know the year of manufacture? Is this gun a black powder model? If not black powder what kind of bullets can it shoot? Where might I find bullets for this model?
What is the best way to clean the barrel, it has some minor pitting inside the barrel, also it has some minor pitting in the cylinders? ( the bullets were kept inside the cylinder for many years in an old ladies purse, so they were alittle green when removed)
I had a gunsmith look at it an said that it would shoot but wouldn't be very accuarate. It is tight and the lockup of the cylinder is tight also. everything works.
I am hoping someone out there has the information I need so thank you for any information you can add to this IJ piece, in advance

July 12, 2011, 12:47 AM
According to Goforth's book, you have a "Third Model, 1st Variation Hammer" manufactured in 1911. (A30201-A66700.) One of the changes listed is an automatic cylinder stop that prevented the cylinder from free wheeling. Also, the grips are listed as having the owl logo horizontal.

They are listed as being safe with smokeless powder. (From 1909 on.)