View Full Version : ID for a .22 German Revolver Needed

May 23, 2000, 09:21 AM
Coworker of mine has a revolver from his father-in-law and is trying to find any info on it. It is a 6 shot, .22, brown grips with a buffalo on them, and is at least 20 yrs old (but no older than 50). Marking are:

Walker International
Detroit, Michigan Mod 21

H. Schmidt Ostheim/Roehn
Made in West Germany

Any info you have would be appreciated,


der Schueler

James K
May 23, 2000, 06:52 PM
If I remember correctly, those guns were scaled down copies of the Colt single action army. They were made from zinc alloy frames and were neither durable nor very well made. They sold in the '50's and early 60's for around $19, which was not much money even then.

They were a slightly upgraded version of the typical "Saturday Night Special" of the period. There is no collector or historical value. They don't appear in the value guides, and bring only a nominal value ($50 or so) when sold.