View Full Version : fixing a howa 1500 in a lathe and threading it for a suppressor.

July 4, 2011, 04:41 PM
The barrel on a Howa 1500 is problematic to get out of the action since it is stuck and cannot be removed even with a proper clamping bar.
Heating it does not help.
Simply mounting the action box right in the chuck of the late causes the barrel to wobble and that causes the threads to misalign.

A smart solution that my local rifle smith developed is this one:

Simply mill a steel rod to the diameter of the bolt, drill and tap a hole in it:
Insert a small threaded bolt fitted in the drilled and tapped hole, that causes the barrel and action box to rotate.

Mill the end of the steel rod to the dimensions that the shank and shoulder of the cartridge has:

That supports the barrel from the chamber, and it is easy to support the muzzle end with a free running point.

The result:

If the action needs a new barrel, a solution is to mill away the shoulder of the barrel:
It is the possible to unscrew the barrel and replace it.