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Sling Shot
April 25, 2000, 10:00 PM
Hello all. My brother has a Glenfield Model 60. The Marlin Firearms Co. Cal. 22 LR only and serial #26475***. On both sides of the palm grip, there is a squirrel eating an acorn or nut. On both sides of the forend, there are oak leaves engraved with a number of grooved lines running almost to the end of the forend. Can anybody tell me the manufactured date on this rifle, or anything else about the rifle? Thanks, Sling Shot

April 26, 2000, 08:04 AM
The Glenfield name was Marlin's promotional brand name. The Glenfield name was mainly sold to chain outlets and mass-merchandisers (the -Marts etc). The Model 60G was made from 1960-1965 and the Model 60 was made from 1966-1982. The rifle had the same mechanism as the Marlin Model 99C and the later Model 990 except that the stock was made of birch wood rather than walnut and it had a less expensive rear sight. When introduced it had a combination front sight and magazine tube band. Later firearms had a screwed-on ramp front sight. In 1983 Marlin dropped the use of the name Glenfield and the Model 60 became a Marlin having a ramp sight with Wide-Scan hood and folding rear leaf sight. The Marlin Model 60 does not have impressed checkering, however the stock is still birch. In 1985 the Model 60 had a new last-shot bolt hold-open feature added.
Sorry but I don't have serial number breakdowns.

Sling Shot
April 26, 2000, 08:30 AM
Thanks fal308 for the information. I can tell my brother that he has a really old rifle. He bought the rifle from an older gent, and the gent told him that the rifle was very old. Til this day, the rifle functions just fine, and it is still very accurate. Thanks, Sling Shot