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April 18, 2000, 05:05 PM
I just purchased 2 ruger 3 screw blackhawks in 98% with stag grips. They are not converted. They have 4 and 5/8 in barrels and were made in 1958 (flattop). Oh and they are in .357. I was wondering if I got a fair deal at $900 for the pair. These are my first single actions and also my first purchases on my curio and relic ffl. I understand they have high desirability for speed shooters as they convert them to 45 lc and put aluminum barrels on them all though I have no dillusions of doing that.

Is is safe to shoot +p+ rounds in them?

can I tell from the serial number if they are of the redesigned frame or the old style frame?

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.
I have always wanted a colt but can't afford one right now(or in reality I find something else I want to purchase before I can save the money for one).

Paul B.
April 19, 2000, 01:40 PM
Ajacobs. Do the stag grips have the Ruger emblem inletted into them? If they are Ruger issue grips, they enhance the value of your revolvers greatly.
Paul B.

April 19, 2000, 01:51 PM
Unfortunatly no they are aftermarket grips as they lack the medallion. I don't think they were a pair origalnally and someone prior to me assembled them into a pair and replaced the grips.

Chris McDermott
April 19, 2000, 07:12 PM
My understanding is that all of the Flat-tops had the original (XR3) grip frame. Some of the very early Old Models (Three screw) have the XR3, while most Old Models have the XR3-RED (re-designed) grip frame. Then there is the Super-Blackhawk grip frame, and the Old Army grip frame, and the Ruger Bisley ...

4V50 Gary
April 20, 2000, 09:35 PM
Guns designed for .357 Magnum can easily handle 38 Special +p+. Blast away!