View Full Version : Requesting info on E.M. Reilly & Co shotgun

April 20, 2000, 06:19 AM
My friend has a double-barreled shotgun which belonged to his father-in-law (who would be 118 yrs old if he were still alive). This gun looks to be a 12 gauge, damascas 29 7/8" barrels, exposed hammers, dble triggers, etchings all over the barrels, receiver and trigger guard, checkered forestock and pistol grip. Markings on trigger guard area where it screws into pistol grip: 17,9. Markings on top of barrel: E. M. Reilly & Co New Oxford Street London & Rue Scribe Paris. I don't know the correct way to grade old firearms but I would say this gun is in very good condition. Any help in identifying it's age, value and/or info on the manufacturer will be appreciated.

April 20, 2000, 08:22 AM
There's apparantly not much information out on this company. According to Side by Sides of the World by Charles E. Carder; "REILY, E.M.:, Of London, England, circa 1850-1910, an arms dealer and manufacturer. No other history known.
Sidelock, outside hammers, double triggers, pistol grip.
Best quality; sidelock, double triggers, Damascus barrels, Engraved, checkered wood, straight grip, cased."
Sorry but that's all I have on them.