View Full Version : Mags for Browning Nomad/Medalist/Challenger

April 10, 2000, 09:27 AM
Howdy folks -

Recently I picked up a very nice Browning Nomad from the early 60s. Alas, it only came with one magazine. Web searching has turned up two dealers, one of whom was out of stock and the other wanted $125 per mag (ouch! I paid less than that for Walther P99 hicaps).

Anyway, these are the .22LR mags, marked "Browning .22 LR" on the bottom. I understand some aftermarket mags were made at one time. I also discovered that Medalist and Challenger mags will fit, but not the later Challenger models (the I and II models).

Would appreciate any leads or tips. Thanks!

Ken Strayhorn

James K
April 10, 2000, 11:08 AM
Wow! $125. Have you tried Browning direct?