View Full Version : S&W M60 MSHP 1 of 500

April 2, 2000, 01:06 PM
Hi All,
I've got a Model 60 that I picked up around 1982-3. It was supposedly stamped by S&W at the factory. The sideplate on the right says 1931-1981 Missouri State Highway Patrol with the seal of the state of Missouri. The left side has MSHP 216 stamped right below the cylinder. Serial # is R2425XX. The box does not appear to be the original as the serial # is listed as R3284XX, and it has a Spec. Ord. # of 177A and Features SPECIAL, if that means anything. Also, FWIW, the product code on the box is 0600092020 X. I removed the right sideplate, (the one with the MSHP seal), and found the numbers 68434 stamped into it. These numbers are also located on the cylinder arm, with the addition of "A3", and Mod 60 is stamped on the frame above the cylinder arm pivot. The number 68434 is also stamped on the leftside of the frame on the butt, towards the bottom on the side which would normally be covered by the handgrips. It looks like all the pistol part numbers match the state seal part number and it's definitely a Mod 60. I've heard that MSHP was released in a M66. So... the questions that come to mind are -- Did they issue the anniversary commemorative in different models? Was there 500 of each model or 500 total? When I purchased it I was told to enjoy and shoot it. Now almost 20 years later I wonder if this still holds true, (shooting it). Any information of history, (was this really stamped by the factory thus making it "special"), and any idea of value would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! Oh yea, I paid $350 for it.