View Full Version : Breda Brescia shotgun questions?

Oleg Volk
March 25, 2000, 09:33 PM

I posted some pictures of a shotgun I found. It seems to be a close of a late Browning A5 but with some weird differences (magazine cut-off, stamped receiver cover).

I am curious about general history, availability of parts (esp. choke tubes...damn they are ugly), prices, etc.

Basically to see it it could be worthwhile as a skeet gun. Maybe I should have a wormhole from "Shotgunning" to this post, yes/no?

Harley Nolden
March 25, 2000, 10:31 PM
From the description and photo It looks like the Grade 1 Breda and the value is listed, as I see it in exc=$550.00. I am sending you by separate emil some disassem and history.


Harley Nolden
March 26, 2000, 08:05 AM
You can probably get a barrel from Numerich Arms (GunParts) of West Hurley NY