View Full Version : New Sights For My Rugers

Gunn Smithy
June 26, 2011, 03:41 AM
I fancy myself a gunsmith. What that actually means is I have a lot of tools and jigs that allow me to disassemble pretty much any gun to its smallest part and usually get the gun back to complete functioning condition in a short amount of time. This is an outgrowth of my youth in tearing stuff apart just to see how it's put together. From this I get wild ideas on how to modify or change the operation or appearance of the gun although I usually know my limitations and have someone else do the work that I can't. Back in San Luis Obispo, CA I was close friends with a machinist that would do this work for me and together I've been able to make quite a few one of a kind firearms.

I'm working on a couple of run or the mill versions right now, that are not too out of the ordinary. First is a Ruger Bisley Hunter with a rather big scope, that and I don't like sights on a scoped gun. So the sights came off and were sent to my buddy to replicate in stainless. The front sight will be void of a vertical blade and just flat with the gun. The rear will be much the same with no notch, just a plug to fill the void in the gun.

It's funny, that plug that I'm having made is exactly what another company is working on for my second project. http://www.goshen-hexsite.com/pistols.php They have to make this stainless plug in place of the rear sight in order for them to cut a dovetail through the gun and the plug to be able to install their rear sight. The front portion of their sight will use the existing Ruger barrel cut but they will just use a different blade for their purposes. Their sight has been touted for combat situations both in daylight and darkness, not giving away your position as a laser would or blinding the shooter like night sights would. I can't wait for the company to be ready to install their unit on my Ruger Alaskan. I'll then have a Hunting rig and a Carry piece all from Ruger. Smithy.