View Full Version : WWI Lewis Machine Gun Barrel Specs

Rich Lucibella
March 3, 2000, 11:57 AM
Don't know if you can help, but I need specs on the Lewis Macine Gun Barrel. I'm specifically looking for the following specs:
- Threaded Barrel Boss on Outer End of Barrel: Length of boss and thread count
- Minimum diameter of taper at outer end
- Location of Gas Port on Barrel

Additionally, do you know of a disassembled barrel anywhere in the SE US?
Rich Lucibella

Daniel Watters
March 3, 2000, 01:19 PM
Rich: If Harvey doesn't have it handy, check out the Collector Grade Publications (http://www.collectorgrade.com) release on the Lewis MG. Their books are full of interesting little bits of info, and it might even have the specs for which you are searching.

As for parts, have you tried Gun Parts Corp. (http://www.gunpartscorp.com) yet? They listed Lewis MG barrels in their previous catalog.

Rich Lucibella
March 4, 2000, 10:37 AM
Thanks Dan

Gun Parts still shows barrels in their inventory, so that should do it.