View Full Version : DMAX 45 ACP carbine

February 19, 2000, 01:23 PM

Would anyone happen to have any information on this firearm and/or company? This is a side-fed semi-auto carbine in 45 ACP; markings are limited to "45 ACP" on the top of the mag well, and "D Max, Auburn WA USA, Patented" on the underside of the same.

I'm just curious on this, though parts don't seem to be a major problem (the components used are rather common parts), but I have had no luck on finding information on this item at all.

If it helps at all, the one piece of information on the web I have found is this:

which is simply a picture.

Thank you!

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Bud Helms
February 20, 2000, 06:38 AM

That's the first time I've seen that weapon.

Have you seen the .45 ACP CCU (Carbine Conversion Unit) at MectTech Online (http://www.mechtechsys.com/)?

February 20, 2000, 11:42 AM

Yes, I actually have seen that, and spent some time bouncing email back and forth with the company back in the fall. Looks interesting, and I'll likely pick one up somewhere along the line. :)

The nice thing about the DMAX though is that it uses M3 'Grease Gun' mags...30 rounds of 45 makes for some fun (if expensive) range time. It's an interesting little piece, and it goes well with the other side-feeders I have.