View Full Version : Remington 700P or 700 5R

Armed Citizen
June 21, 2011, 08:39 AM
Any one own either one of these rifles who could provide some insight.

I've been looking at purchasing either a Remington 700P or Remington 700 5R. Haven't decided whether .308 or .300WM yet though. If I go .300WM I will add a muzzle brake for sure.

Looking at punching paper mainly, may use it for big game hunting at some point if I go with the .300WM.

oneshot onekill
June 21, 2011, 09:28 AM
I've owned both and liked both... for different reasons. The accuracy of either should be excellent. I believe the current 700P has a 1:12" twist while the 5R has a 1:11.25" twist (a little better for heavier bullets) and a different type of rifling... Hence the "5R" nomenclature. I like the fact that the 5R is Stainless for maintenance reasons but I painted mine because it was too shiney for my liking. Find out what trigger is on each. My 5R had an X-Mark Pro which I removed immediately and threw away. I replaced it with a 40X trigger I had laying around. My 700P (or PSS as it was called then) had the old style Remington trigger which was much easier to adjust to a nice, light, crisp break. (Disclaimer: Trigger adjusting should only be done by a qualified Gunsmith). The finish on the 700P is more "Tacticool". The barrels have the same contour but the 700P is 26" while the 5R is 24". The 700P is known as a "Police" rifle while the 5R is also called "Milspec" which refers to the rifling being the same type as the Army's M24 Sniper rifle (But that's the ONLY similarity)

I'd have to give the slight edge to the 5R for portability, being stainless and the 1:11.25" twist. Put a decent trigger on a 5R and you will have something as accurate as just about anything out there... Just about. FWIW...