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February 11, 2000, 06:10 PM
I am a school teacher,and there has always been an old revolver in the trophy case. I think it was found during a construction project. I'm courious as to what it is. There are very few marking on this gun the only ones I could find are on the cylinder-a circle with the letters L and G with the letter E above them and a star below all inside the circle. Then on the frame where the grips would cover if they weren't missing are the letters J and D. This gun appears to me to be a double action and of small caliber I would guess about .32. I saw an old H&R revolver in a gun shop once that look similar and also had no barrel markings. I can't find a serial # anywhere on the gun. What do you think this could be?

thanks for any help--I realy enjoy this website

February 12, 2000, 07:05 AM
Unfortunately that's not very much to go on. Can you give a description of the handgun; number of holes in cylinder, description or different parts (i.e. ejector rod, hammer, cyliner release, grip shape, is there a lanyard ring, barrel shape & length, frame shape etc).
The B over LG ove the star within a circle is a Belgian proof mark.As you sure that there's not a crown on top of the circle mentioned? Stars with crown over circle on the cylinder were proof marks on revolvers which were proofed with 30-5- per cent excess pressure proof loads. We can surmise that it is a Belgian revolver by this. Belguim was one of the most prolific firearms-building countries in the world for many many years. They still have quite a presnce in the firearms field.

February 12, 2000, 12:25 PM
Sounds like you have found a gun fabricated in my country - BELGIUM.
Those letters E -L - G are the Belgian proofmarks.( E-L-G = Eprèuve Liège ) witch means" proofed in Liège " ).
The town of Liège was the gun-making mekka from early in the seventienth century and is now the home-town of the FN (Browning) factory.
It is difficult to say what kind of model you got over there.
It could be a Bulldog gun.
These guns were made in Liège from the late part of the 20th century until the late 1920's.
Quality was from poor to excellent.
Hundreds of thousands of these kind of guns where fabricated so I think several thousands (or even a lot more) were also exported to the US.
These guns where made in many calibers like
32 , 320 , 380 , 45 etc..
Before the FN factory was founded (around 1888 ,I believe ) there where tens of small gun-workshops in Liège.
Collector value of this kind of guns are generally low.
I hope this could help you ,
With kind regards from the Old Continent.

February 13, 2000, 03:08 AM
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