View Full Version : Dwight's Gunleather Cactus Holster

June 18, 2011, 07:16 PM
I do a lot of research before I spend money on much of anything. When I decided to start carrying concealed, I studied the laws. Then I studied the guns. Then I studied the holsters.

The legal research was pure education. The gun research took more time. But what took the most time was the holster research.

Having settled on a full-size 1911, I spent a lot of time looking for a holster. I had heard early on that everybody has a drawer full of holsters that didn't work for them. I'm not inclined to waste money like that, so I set my mind on finding the right holster the first time. I visited forums far and wide; I pored over holster maker websites; I tried on different holsters at gun stores. It took a while.

Eventually I settled on the features I wanted. First I had to select a mode of carry. I found that a full-size 1911 is a bit long for OWB, unless you want to wear Hawaiian shirts every day, which I don't. That left IWB, which isn't as hard with a 1911 as you might have read. But it does take a holster that rides a little higher. I also wanted something tuckable, because I can't always wear a T-shirt and I don't care to have my shirttails hanging out all the time. I wanted a body shield between me and the gun; I don't get hammer bite when I shoot and it would be embarassing to have it on my love handles. I wanted leather. That combination meant that I needed to buy a custom leather holster. But I didn't want to wait forever, and I couldn't afford to spend an arm and a leg.

On this forum I read this thread (http://thefiringline.com/forums/showthread.php?t=443775) about 1911 rigs. Dwight posted photos of himself wearing his Cactus holster both tucked and untucked with a 1911. I liked what I saw, so I got in touch with Dwight and ordered a Cactus and a heavy-duty leather gunbelt to go with it.

It was about two weeks from order to delivery, which is pretty quick for a handmade custom holster. I couldn't have been more pleased with what I found inside the box - a finely crafted, handmade, molded holster and belt that holds the gun securely and comfortably behind my right hip. It disappears both tucked and untucked and can also be worn OWB; the belt holds everything up, and after the gun spent I few inside the holster to break it in I get a good draw. It looks good, it feels good, it was built to last, and the whole rig was only $125 delivered. And did I mention it only took two weeks?

I only wanted to buy one holster for my 1911. Thanks to Dwight - and a lot of research - I have the only holster I'll ever need.