View Full Version : Ted Williams Model 100 .30-30

February 5, 2000, 04:15 PM
I just acquired a Ted Williams Model 100 .30-30. This rifle appears to have been made by Winchester for Sears & Roebuck Co. It is basically a model 94 with a special stock. Does this rifle have any special value? Will it appreciate in value?

Harley Nolden
February 5, 2000, 04:25 PM
Jim Keenen, FAL 308:
Can you help out. I can't seem to locate the cross over.


February 6, 2000, 09:07 AM
Your surmise is correct. The Ted Williams is nothing more than the NM (New Model) 94. As to collector status; there really is no collector value on these firearms (and most store-brand firearms in general) as far as I know. The only collectible NM94s are the Commemoratives generally. Their value is normaally strictly as a shooter, after a check by a competent 'smith. The only appreciation in value would be normal appreciation to firearms in general.

February 6, 2000, 02:55 PM
Gentlemen, thanks for your response. This rifle looks like it should be a decent shooter. It's action seems firm, and it was only $150.00, which is why I initially snapped it up. It has a slightly bulkier stock than the regular '94, with a black forend cap instead of a metal band. The rifling looks to be different than my new model '94. I don't know if it was made different for the Ted Williams, or if the older model 94's all had rifling like that. It looks like the lands are in close pairs. The rifle looks in fairly good shape. Thanks again.