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Dennis Olson
January 27, 2000, 03:22 PM
I was asked to try to ID this old rifle, but neither myself, nor anyone in the gun biz here locally has a clue...

It's supposedly a Finnish gun, supposed to be at least 40 years old. Manlicher-style stock. Has a rod, under the barrel, that fits into a depression in the underside of the forearm. I runs parallel to the barrel, and screws in. About 18" of this rod is visible.

Front sight looks like a "W", and the rear one has an elevation-compensating slide. Looks like it has a bayoney mount under the barrel. The magazine opens from the bottom like modern hunting rifles, and looks like it loads from the top.


Letters "SK.Y", an "S" (with a "crown" on its top) inside a gear-looking symbol, "SA", "BG-S-00" (the "S" is inside a circle), "1940", "S8988", all on the top, at the receiver.

On the stock near the butt, another "S" with a "crown" on it is inside a crest-like outline. the number "40" is again just below this crest. Appears burned into the stock.
Any info as to the maker, age, and ESPECIALLY CALIBRE would be HIGHLY appreciated.


Chad Young
January 27, 2000, 05:26 PM
Two suggestions:

Send us a picture of the rifle. If you need to, borrow a digital camera or scan a polariod picture and post it.

Second: try the "Smithy" section of TFL and see what the folks there say.

Rich Lucibella
January 27, 2000, 05:38 PM
Moved from Rifle to Harley Nolden's Forum. If he can't figure it out all is lost.

James K
January 27, 2000, 06:16 PM
Does the magazine protrude from the stock at the bottom, and is the bolt handle short and stubby and sticking straight out? If so, it is probably one of the Russian Mosin-Nagant rifles that was used by Finland at various times.


Dennis Olson
January 27, 2000, 07:03 PM
You are correct. John Holt told me this, over on General Discussion:

Prabaly a M28/30 or a M39.
It shoots the Russian 7.62X54r.

It was built on a captured Russian Mosin action. It is interesting to note all the finnish mosin had to shoot 1 M.O.A or less before recieving the SA stamp. SA was the Finnish Armory was where these rifles were built.

The M85 is still used by the Finish Army as their standard sniper rifle.

Follow this link to look at the various pictures of proof marks and you'll be able to make a positive identification.



My response:

Okay, ONE of the marks (the "SK.Y" with the "S" inside the gear) matches the M28/30 civil guards rifle, AS WELL AS the M39 service rifle.

HOWEVER, The "BG-S-00" mark matches the SAKO version of the VKT high pressure proof mark on the M39 service rifle.

So now I'm really confused. And what is the "r" you put on the end of the 7.62x54 designation? Do BOTH the M28/30 and M39 shoot this cartridge?

And there are no pics of the M39, but the rifle looks like the pics of the M28/30. Are those rifles similar in appearance?


Any further answers/clarification would be GREATLY appreciated !!!!

Harley Nolden
January 28, 2000, 03:22 PM
If you would like the assem/disassem of this piece I can send it email.


January 29, 2000, 11:28 AM
Can't help with the rest, but the "R" in the cartridge stands for rimmed, the case is rimmed like a 45-70 or 357 mag.

Some cartridges were made in two versions, like the 7mm Mauser, in both a rimmed and straight configuration, and the R was added to the rimmed designation.

Hope this helps.

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