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January 27, 2000, 02:27 PM
Was asked about this gun today by a guy who inherited it.Definitely outside of my realm of knowledge...Gun is blued,marked Excam, Hialeah Fla,Made in Italy.Armi Tanfoglio Giuseppe.Don't look like much to me.. but he knows I'm on the net so wanted me to check. Any low-down on the gun & value would make the gentleman happy......Thanks

January 27, 2000, 05:16 PM
The importer Excam went out of business some time ago. I don't know much about this pistol, but the manufacturer, Tanfoglia, does make some very nice pistols. I don't care much for "mouse guns" but don't write this one off. Some of Tanfoglia's products are imported by EAA (the Witness line of pistols.) Springfield thought enough of their work to have them make (at least partially) the P9 which was held in fairly high regard by a lot of competition shooters and others. I have an Excam TA-90 9mm that is quite accurate and a lot of fun to shoot. By the way, while trying to find spare mags for my TA, I found that mags for the smaller Excams are much easier to find.
Harley should be able to give you a lot more help than I could.

James K
January 27, 2000, 06:21 PM
Tanfoglio today makes some nice guns. Alas, those little .25s were not in that category. They were made to a price ($24) and while several cuts above the worst of the Saturday Night Special junk, they were no world beaters, being unreliable and inaccurate (even within the inherent limitations of a 2" barrel .25 Auto).

Value would be less than $100.


January 28, 2000, 10:43 AM
As Jim states these weren't the best quality. There are actually several different models/calibers that were avialable; GT-25 in 6.35 (.25 cal), GT-26 in .22lr available in steel or alloy frame, GT-32 and GT-38 (sold in USA as Titan) in .22lr, 7.65 Auto(.32 Auto) or 9mm Short (.380), GT-32 XEB and GT380 XEB (sold in USA as Super Titan) in 7.65 Auto or 9mm Short, GT-32 Targa and GT-380 Targa, GT-38P in 9mm Short, GT -380 HE Targa, GT-380 SSP (stainless steel).