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bow hunter
January 6, 2000, 11:47 AM
I have a three barrel drilling that I am trying to get information on. It was bough in 1910 for appx 100 dollars, made by the Royal Gun Co. of Wheeling WVa. Ser #15XX two shotgun barrels (12ga.) over a 32/40 rifle barrel The gun has extensive engraving on it, right side receiver a derr running past a tree,keft side a bear standing unser a tree,the trigger gaurd has a grouse on it and the serial# is behind the trigger gaurd.The gun has scrol engraving on all other metal. The rifle barrel has to be cocked by a leaver infront of the trigger gaurd. Blueing is 85% and the wood is excelant with checkering on fore stock,pistol grip, and sides if the receiver. Any information I can get about this peice (true age, value) will be helpfull

James K
January 7, 2000, 11:21 PM
The company called the Royal Gun Company in Wheeling was also called the Hollenbeck Gun Company. They also operated in Moundsville, WV as the Three-Barrel Gun Company. The owner was a Frank A. Hollenbeck.

They made three barrel guns (the kind common in Germany and which they call "drillings") from 1906 through 1908. I can find no production figures, but certainly there were not many. They were very well made and a custom item. That $100 would have been a pretty high price in 1910; my calculations (for other items) is that the ratio to 2000 dollars is about 1-40, so that was equivalent to $4000 today.

I can find no price, since the guns are so rare they seldom sell and there is no price record. Most books don't even mention them. There are some dealers who specialize in rare shotguns and multi-barrel arms (the Germans had a four-barrel "vierling", and I think Hollenbeck did too, with a .22 LR in the top rib), if you are interested in a sale or a professional appraisal.