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December 28, 1999, 02:57 PM
Former NJ Senator Bradley has repeatedly called for "Eliminating ... the junk handguns, so-called 'Saturday Night Specials' " .

Can anyone tell me about the origins of the term "Saturday Night Special?"

Writing in Reason Magazine 12/85 (Gun Control: White Man's Law) William R. Tonso says the term has racists origins.

Thank you

December 28, 1999, 03:04 PM
The term comes, IIRC, from a Depression-era song, "-CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED-town Saturday Night."

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-- John Hay, 1872

James K
December 28, 1999, 06:43 PM
True. Just another example of the racism in the gun control movement. Most liberals want African Americans to have all their rights, EXCEPT the right to bear arms, and they are willing to take that away from everyone in order to disarm blacks.

Bradley and Gore are just a couple of more closet racists.


December 28, 1999, 09:55 PM
I forget the exact words, but the term refers to small, cheap guns carried by "Darktown bucks" on their drunken saturday nights of gambling and carousing.

Jim V
December 29, 1999, 01:23 AM
The term originally refered to the single bladed folding knife that later had a hook sharpener added to the side to make it a fishing knife. The cheap handguns at that time were called suicide specials.

All our guns laws have a history of racism.

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Glenn E. Meyer
December 29, 1999, 12:42 PM
In San Antonio, a couple of years ago,
a minority restaurant owner was accosted
outside his house with his wife and kids.
Using a cheapy 25 ACP, he defended himself.

I am outraged. He should have been robbed or
murdered. Having a gun - goodness! And a cheap
one as well - shame!

December 29, 1999, 04:49 PM
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