View Full Version : Brittish East Indies Trade Rifle

Steve Jones
December 29, 1999, 11:24 AM
I have recently aquired a Brittish East Indies Trade Rifle. The rifle was made with an extended barrell as a means of cheating the Indians out of furs by stacking them to the top of the barrell. The barrell is 53 1/8 inches long with a Belgium marking at the top rear. The letter N 172, S&C 12 and TN appear on the bottom rear of the barrell. The lock is original flintlock with a brass frizzen pan, stamped LONDON below the English Crown with a small Crown over the letters SB 15, both of which are located foreward of the hammer on the lock plate. The trigger is one piece brass ornate in design with a possible 680 configured into the design of the foreward guard. The rear lock screw has a 42 stamped on the top. The lock washer is brass with a three hump design. The stock is one piece full length walnut with an old repair at the grip. The grip is checkered and ornately carved. There is a diamond shaped brass inlay at the bottom rear stock, two brass circles on both sides of the lower butt stock coordinating with a scroll carving, two Brittish East Indies Trade Marks (the quarter moon with a star) on both sides of the rear stock and one on top of the grip below the barrell tang. The barrell pin has an elongated brass inlay on both sides. The nose cap is brass to accept the steel ramrod which is ornately tooled at the exposed end. I would guess the Circa to be around 1710 to 1720. Could you please verify and provide me with any additional information and a approximate value if possible. Thank you in advance for your consideration.