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December 26, 1999, 12:22 PM
FWIW - I found the answer to the below question. Sorry couldn't delete the post. Frame was made by Ithaca, serial numbers were double used, both by Colt and also used by Ithaca. So there it is.

I'm trying to run down the correct ID of a 1911A1 Pistol. Here are the specifics:

Government Property marked (1911A1) frame. Serial number 8604XX (made 1943??). Initials "FJA" next to trigger guard on frame. Also the number "6" stamped into the trigger guard. (I know that these initials stand for LTC FJ Atwood who inspected Ithaca, US&S and Remington Rand Frames- the problem is that the serial number matches numbers that were issued to Colt.) The slide has standard Colt markings and some type of a "crossed cannon/something" in a circle marking behind the standard Colt markings. All in all this appears to be a standard military issued 1911A1. What I can't figure out is why FJA would have inspected a Colt Frame, or maybe he did, and my reference book does not say so. If this is the case then all is as should be. So any ideas, is this is a Colt produced frame? comments? Would aslo appreciate what a fair market value of this gun would be. NOTE- I do not own this gun, it is a friends.

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