View Full Version : Old h&r revolver.

Joe the Redneck
December 25, 1999, 01:58 PM
Santa left an old H&R 22 in my stocking. It appears to be a double action only. The cylinder is removable only by taking out the cylinder pin. It also has a little flange behind the trigger. It is part os a hammer blocking safety. Unless it is depressed, the pin will not go foward.

Any info regarding age and value (if any) would be great. I just hope the pirate at the gunstore didn't rob Santa!

James K
December 25, 1999, 06:58 PM
Hi, Joe,

Does the gun have an exposed hammer? If so, it should be both double and single action, so it may be broken. I think the piece behind the trigger is the sear which may not be working in full cock but may be blocking the hammer in half cock.

Most H&R revolvers are not high ticket items, usually going (in working order) for less than $100. Still, if given reasonable care, they are pretty rugged and fairly reliable for a plinking type fun gun.