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December 23, 1999, 05:52 PM
Ran across the subject rifle in a local pawn shop. SN: 51943

It is a .22 LR(?) smokeless & ?-less. Made by Remington Arms Co., previously Remington U.M.C. Co, Browning Patent blah-de-blah.

Appears to be the basic Browning 22-auto design EXCEPT it has a quick takedown barrel, which are 1/2 interrupted threads.

Wood is field grade, no figuring. Screws show buggering from improperly sized screwdriver. Shop wants $300.

What's the history on these, collectability and range of value from 98% to 60%, and NRA excellent to NRA good?

Thanks Mykl

Harley Nolden
December 24, 1999, 02:11 AM
My records indicate, from your descripton, that you have a Remington Model 24, takedown rifle. It was designed by John M Browning, and mfg'd from 1922-1935.

EXC=$400.00 POOR=$100.00