View Full Version : Remington 700 receiver dimensions...

Danger Dave
December 21, 1999, 10:04 AM
Does anybody know the diameter of the front and rear receiver rings and the distance between the receiver rings of a long action Remington 700?

Yeah, it's probably a weird question, but I've got a reason. I've got a project rifle I'm working on (sporterized M1917) & I'd like to be able to use a 1-piece base. I figure I'll probably have to modify the mount or the rear receiver ring a bit, but that shouldn't be a big deal since I've got to do some finishing work on the receiver anyway. The Leupold 1-piece for the 700 looks close and Millett lists the M1917 on their 2-piece 700 base. If it's close, I might try it instead of the Weaver 2-piece or the Williams side-mount.

I've found references from the early 60's mentioning/showing a Beuhler 1-piece mount for my rifle. Does Beuhler still exist??

Danger Dave
December 21, 1999, 11:36 PM
Never mind about the 700 - I got a good look at one. The rear of the receiver is too flat for me to make the mount work.

Oh well.