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December 16, 1999, 04:57 PM
I'm off to an estate auction this weekend. A rural farmer has passed and nobody wanted his guns. What can anyone give me regarding the fair value of the following firearms (these are from the ad, so the descriptions may not be accurate):

Remington 870

Ruger 77, .223 w/scope

Remington Mark 10 .223 w/scope

Eagle Arms 5.56mm (15A2) - an AR15?

Daewoo .223 scope, DR200 (semi? bolt? Is this their famous assault rifle?)

That's all the info the ad gives. I know the prices of the rifles could vary widely depending on scope quality, but any info anyone can give would be appreciated.

December 17, 1999, 01:33 AM
My father and i hit estate Auctions every weekend almost. i have seen many guns sell for half there value and some sell for double there value. Most are shotguns. Lately shotguns have been going dirt cheap over here in the hoosier state. I watched a NIB 870 go for $150 dollars. The price all depends on if it is an express or just an 870 and what type of barrel. For just an 870 don't go over 200.
just my 2 cents

December 17, 1999, 04:48 AM
Pricing varies so much due to condition of firearms, regional pricing etc that it is hard to put a general cap on a firearm's price. I'd say dw was correct on the 870 for my region though. Make sure you research pricing before going though. I've been to auctions thought where $400 weapons have been sold for $1000 on up (due to auction fever bidding?).
You are correct in that the Eagle Arms is an AR15 variant. It is made by Armalite. The Daewoo is also a sort of AR15 variant. Though it uses a different gas system. Any AR15 variants will probably have quite a bit of bidding on them right now so set a limit on what you want to pay and stick with it. ARs right now, around here, are going anywhere from $600 on up to $1500 depending on condition, brand and accessories with it. As for the Ruger, like you said, it would depend on the scope but anywhere from $150-$500 would be a ballpark figure. I'm not familiar with the Remington Mark 10.
Another thing you might want to look for is some reloading stuff. This farmer apparantly liked .223 so perhaps he reloaded to get the most out of his bolt actions. Usually this goes relatively inexpensively used as it is a "nuts and bolts" part of shooting and not one of the "glamorous" high profile parts.

December 17, 1999, 02:41 PM
Thanks, guys. There are actually quite a few more guns being sold, including several handguns. These are just the one's I was interested in and don't know enough about. A friend of mine who knows way more than I do about rifles is going today to view them.

Anyone in the Denver area who wants to go (the auction is Saturday morn) post here (I won't be checking e-mails until Monday) and I'll get you the rest of the info.

December 17, 1999, 05:42 PM
Wish I could go morgan.. but Santa Claus has spent all his Christmas $$ on Gi Joe stuff and art supplies and a GI jane for mom and a lil special something for dad from Dillon and a.... well, you get the idea.

Just for the heck of it maybe some of us Colorado TFL members should get together for a coffee/beer etc and shoot the breeze.. or meet at a range and shoot some targets. or maybe catch a gun show or??

Just a thought.