View Full Version : My fathers old guns, are they worth anything

December 9, 1999, 07:34 PM
My father told me he had some guns he got about 30 years ago I cleaned them up the best I could but I wont fire them until I know they are safe. I was wondering what they are worth. I have 4 of them.

1. Its a .22 semi auto pistol made by high standard mfg hamden, CT model m-101 dura- matic It looks like an old luger.

2. A 22 revolver I believe a 6 shot 2 or 3 in barrel called a clerkes 1st made by clerke technicorp santa monica california

3. A 32 revolver 5 shot hammerless made by Iver johnsons arms and cycle works Fitchurg Mass Usa It aslo has a trigger safety which desperately needs oil

4. a small 22 revolver 7 shot looks like a smal derringer with the words us pistol co
nothing else and NO SERIAL NUMBER

The only one I will probably keep is the hi standard 22 but the other ones are in pretty bad shape and the chambers sure dont line up with the barrel and I DON' want to fire them. Any help would greatly be appreciated.

Harley Nolden
December 10, 1999, 08:34 AM
The Duramatic
EXC=$375.00 POOR=$90.00

EXC=$125.00 POOR=$65.00

Don't have the others.


December 10, 1999, 03:45 PM
thanks for the info I think I will dump them at a gun buyback program and make the liberals think I did a good thing, when all I was doing is dumping some junk guns as for the duramatic i think i will keep it

December 10, 1999, 05:12 PM
Be sure to tell them why you're doing it, hoosierboy.

Big Bunny
December 12, 1999, 04:40 PM
Yep...thats all the "buybacks" are useful for!Just don't give them any info that is useful in their campaigns against the rest of us ...and insist on CASH !

***Big Bunny***

Big Bunny
December 12, 1999, 07:04 PM
Yes, thats our experience of buy-backs in Australia...they get a lot of junk from the cogocenti. But insist on cash, as they have been known to welsh!

What breaks your heart is the true collectors and colonial pieces turned in my a media-hyped public, only to go to the crusher. A real victory for the anti-gun culturalists, I suppose?

I saw a lovely old lever-action 10Ga repeater and an octagon barrel 1900s exposed hammer 12ga pumper go this way. Horrid.

***Big Bunny***

James K
December 13, 1999, 01:32 PM
But, we gotta perteck the lil chillun.

I swear, Hitler would have been let alone if he had just had the knack of spin.

"Why are you building gas chambers, Adolf?"

"I am doing it for the children."

"Oh, how wonderful! You are truly a great and good person."