View Full Version : Ruby Extra Revolver

December 11, 1999, 07:16 PM
Hi I came into possession of 'Ruby Extra' Revolver in .32 S&W Long. Now I know this company is related to Llama in some way. I also know these cheap revolvers were copies of Smith & Wessons and were made in the 50's.
I would appreciate if any one could find the year of manufacture of my revolver the serial number is 500659.Thanx.

Harley Nolden
December 11, 1999, 07:53 PM
You seem to have most of the information.. The only thing I can find on RUBY is a Semi-Auto Pistol.


December 13, 1999, 10:36 AM
The Ruby Extra you have is the Model 13. Made by llama-Gabilondo y Cia, Vitoria. Actually the caliber is .32 Long Colt. It came in five barrel lengths. Sorry I can't help on year of manufacture though.

James K
December 13, 1999, 01:09 PM
The Llama "Ruby" revolvers are shown, with two pictures, on pages 602-603 of the 1999 Standard Catalog of Firearms. Unfortunately, there is no cross reference from the "Ruby" entry, which mentions only the old auto pistol.