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November 26, 1999, 08:14 PM
S/W 3000, Pump, 2 3/4, Folding Stock,
What does the POL. CYL. designate? Poly chock, I thought was an adjustable , fited type choke.

James K
November 26, 1999, 08:20 PM
Hi, TGS,

Harley may check me on this, but I think the POL stands for Police. S&W made the 3000 in a short barrel, cylinder bore version for police use.


Harley Nolden
November 27, 1999, 08:04 AM

No checks. Cash only. Just a little humor Jim.


Dave McC
November 29, 1999, 08:29 AM
The S&W 3000 was available as a police style weapon with a Police Cylinder bore of jsut a couple of points of constriction. It was also available as a folder.

The Md Dept of Public Safety bought some to use in the prison system. They didn't hold up well,and a little dirt rendered them inoperable.

IMO, you should pass this one up...

December 4, 1999, 09:12 PM
Really appreciate the info guys!