View Full Version : Looking for Colorado Riflemaker

June 4, 2011, 11:23 PM
I'm looking for a colorado riflemaker thats as good as Harry McGowen from St.Anne,Ill. That'll give you an idea of last time I had something made for me. And I'm not looking for any of these new fangled space tech actions. My left hand Remington 700s have done well enough to serve our Corps and win many a match along with bringing home bear and bull and occasional irratant kitty. And can't forget them acres of varmints. Sorry about that. I just need a well made barreled action to my caliber choice and I can probably finish from there. I came down seriously ill about 8 years ago and lost alot of my steadiness and couple other motor skills(just enough to screw with the fine work)I figure I can take care of the rest including the new pillar bedding. But I haven't done any since I move out here in the early 90's. So, question is who and where are the better riflemakers who can true up and blueprint left hand factory actions like the Remington 700s, Winchester 70's, a Sako, a Ranger, a BSA, and a left-hand 98 by Husquavarna. And not a afraid to cut a few wildcat barrels. A HorseMarine in Brighton

Roger Ronas
June 5, 2011, 02:03 PM
Try High Tech Customs http://htcustoms.com/ in Colorado Springs. I used to work for rich but haven't spoke to him in 10 years. Would still recommend him for any smithy work. Tell him Roger rec. him.