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November 30, 1999, 09:19 PM

What is the history of Colt stamping the last three digits of the serial number inside the slide on M1903 models? I seem to remember that this was not consistantly done. I believe the very early ones did not have it? Can you help me with this? I'm looking at a very nice Type I, Sn.57,xxx, 1907 Mfg., where every thing matches well, 90%+ finish, nice even and consistant but light wear pattern, but the inside of the slide shows no serial number. There some markings but I can't make them out.

Harley Nolden
December 1, 1999, 05:19 AM
My records indicate that A number of "US" marked SAAs were returned either to the Colt factory or to the Springfield Armory, where the were altered and refinished. These revolvers have a 5.5" barrel and any combination of mixed serial numbers. They were remarked by the inspectors of the era and have a case colored frame and a blued cylinder and barrel. Some have been noted as being all blued in this variation.


Daniel Watters
December 2, 1999, 06:32 PM
The inside of the Colt Model 1903/1908 Pocket Hammerless slides were not marked with the serial number until 1917. Around serial number 250,000 (34,000 for the M1908), Colt added the final three digits to the firing pin housing. Around 1919 (300,000 / 36500), the final three digits were stamped in the hammer clearance cutout behind the firing pin. Soon after (315,000 / 40,000), this practice was changed to include the full serial number in two rows of three digits apiece. Finally, in 1924 (455,000 / 82,000), the full serial number was stamped in a single row in the ejector groove beside the firing pin housing.

Harley Nolden
December 2, 1999, 08:01 PM
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