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November 13, 1999, 03:39 PM
I would like to have any information as to the history and possible value of this double rifle.

For photos and a description, please go to this URL:

November 15, 1999, 01:28 PM
Cape Outfitters or Chaddick's could best tell you what the rifle is worth, but I suspect you were smart in turning down the trade.

The rifle looks very well made and the little accents like the crown are nice touches. Are there any other markings (like under the fore stock or on the lock face??

Really nice piece I'd hold onto it barring an emergency need to sell it.


Big Bunny
November 15, 1999, 09:46 PM
Sauer is a German make of top quality for the discriminating gentleman, sometimes having interghangeable shotgun barrels as well as telescopic QD mounts. All I believe for the inter-war German shooter restricted as he was due to laws etc, the big boomer was for deer/boar and the optional shotgun sXs barrels for fowl.

Someone in our Club paid AUD$5000 for a more inferior specimen than yours 5 years ago, the ammo came from Switzerland in sealed dinky packets.
I shot a few rounds, the blast and recoil was high though. [Not for me I think.]

Definitely a collector's item.

***Big Bunny***

November 16, 1999, 09:41 AM
Dr.Rob: Thanks very much for the reply. There are some other marking. Under the for-stock is the following - Both barrels have several proof marks, the words Krupp-Stahl and a serial number. The proof marks are repeated on the lock face along with the same serial number.

I found Cape Outfitters web page and will communicate with them. I have owned and enjoyed this rifle since the late 1960's and it's just about time for me to move into other hands. Thanks.

Big Bunny: I believe you are thinking of the firearms firm J.P Sauer. My rifle is an Oscar Sauer and this is the mystery. Who was this person? A member of the J.P. family who made custom rifles under his own brand? Perhaps a rifle produced by an apprentice in a trade school who just picked a famous name for his work? I don't know but I'm going to try and find out. Thanks.

November 16, 1999, 11:49 AM
Your rifle has krupp steel barrels.. very nice. Looking more closely at the detail and accents on the rifle.. the degree of engraving, the workmanship of the cartridge trap the condition of the screws,and the horn buttplate and triggerguard i'm surmising that the trade offered was VERY low-ball. Maybe half of what the rifle is worth.

To get on those features on a NEW rifle by krieghoff or douglas and sons would set you back a VERY pretty penny.

Keep it. Take it to Africa. Have a real appraisal done and isure the rifle. Or sell it to me.

I'll give ya say... 50 bucks and a penut butter sandwich??? ;)


Big Bunny
November 16, 1999, 06:56 PM
Perhaps son of JP? Some of the older custom made firms have records going back 100 years and more, also they will refurbish to specifications when purchased by the original(titled?) owner, sometimes at no cost other than transportation. It is surely worth a simple letter to Suhl or wherever to find out or not.

Our club-member's also had Krupp barrels.

Please keep this website informed of your investigations.

(Excuse me..I believe I see a rhino in the back yard.Back soon).

James K
November 16, 1999, 10:57 PM

Very dim memory of a Sauer who left the J.P. Sauer firm and set up his own shop making high quality guns. That is all. A letter to the present Sauer company might get a response.

The proof marks might give you an idea when the gun was made. They would be on the underside of the barrels.


November 21, 1999, 08:12 AM
The gold crown on the piece means that it belonged to some member of royaity, I belive. Bob Harlock at [email protected] had one very similar to this. He is honest and could give you a very good idea of the value.

November 21, 1999, 08:16 AM
The gold crown on the piece means that it belonged to some member of royaity, I belive. Bob Harlock at [email protected] had one very similar to this. He is honest and could give you a very good idea of the value, as well as some history on the piece.