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October 25, 1999, 11:56 AM
I need info and chamber specs for the .256 Newton. Any information, books, or anything would be appreciated.

Harley Nolden
October 25, 1999, 04:33 PM
My records indicate the the Newton Arms Co of Buffalo New York was also known as the Buffalo Newton Rifle Co. and the Charles Newton Rifle Company. In operation from 1913-1932.

The Newton Mauser (Oberndorf) action .256 Newton Caliber Bolt Action rifle was produced in about 1814.

My records also indicate there was another Bolt action rifle of the same caliber, and others, which had interrupted screw-type breech-locking mechanism, dbl set triggers. these were made in 1916-1918 by Newton Arms Co.

newton standard model (second)
Improved design, distinguished by reversed-set trigger and 1917 Enfield type bolt handle. Mfg'd 1921

Sorry I don't have the specs.


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James K
October 25, 1999, 09:46 PM
The .256 Newton is a rimless, bottleneck case. The rim and head diameter are .468-470, the same as the .30-'06. Case length is 2.457, outside neck diameter is .289. It looks a little like a sharp shoulder 7 x 57.

The .256 Newton can be made from .30-'06 by trimming the case to 2.457, running the case into a .257 Roberts die until the rifle bolt will close on the case, then expand the neck to an inside diameter of .264; neck ream if necessary. Use .264 bullets. Fire form with light loads.

Once cases are fireformed, loading data for the 6.5 x 55 should be about right; as always, start low and work up. You should be able to neck size in a 6.5 x 55 die.

I don't know if .256 Newton dies are available, but you might try RCBS, they have a lot of odd-wad dies. If you can send them a fired, fireformed case, they may be able to help.


October 26, 1999, 12:42 PM
Thank you, gentlemen.

Paul B.
October 27, 1999, 12:22 PM
Morgan. Huntingtons catalog has dies for the .256 Newton. You can reach them at (www.huntingtons.com) or Ph: (503) 534-1210.
The loading dies: Part # 56165 Die group G $81.95

.256 Newton forming dies: (formed from 30-06)
Part # 58111 $52.80.

I'd certainly call on the prices though. They are made by RCBS, and I know that some prices have taken a drastic jump.
Paul B.