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October 9, 1999, 10:13 PM
At a gun show today I picked up a Colt Viper in what appears to be unfired condition. The gun is perfect. According to the Blue Book, it was only made for one year, 1977.
For those unfamiliar with this gun, it is a D-frame light weight alloy revolver with a four inch barrel belonging to the family that includes the detective special, commando and police positive.
I bought it without knowing they had such a limited run and I'm not one for owning collector's items which shouldn't be fired.

Here's the question- shoot it or not?

Jason Demond
October 10, 1999, 01:20 PM
If you want to shoot it, shoot it


General Dwight D. Eisenhower-- June 6,1944


October 10, 1999, 04:05 PM
OK, nevermind. I couldn't help myself and put about two hundred rounds through it this afternoon. Nice gun, shoots real good. Typical D-frame shoots a little high, but otherwise Its a keeper. The wife is already eyeballing it. I think I'll let her have it, then maybe I can get my Dective Special Back! ;)

November 4, 2005, 10:40 AM
I envy your purchase of the Colt Viper. I have been looking for good one for a very long time. I have all of the SNAKE collection, including the Colt Boa, Python, Diamondback, Cobra, King Cobra & Anaconda. Still need the VIPER. If anyone knows of anyone selling one or wishing to do some trading... lemme know. Thanks