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May 27, 2011, 08:41 AM
It appears that freegunstuff.com's sales people are clueless about the difference between a pistol and a rifle - particularly the ATI GSG-5 .22LR which is available as both a pistol (9" barrel, no stock) and a rifle (16" barrel, shoulder stock).

The pistol is included in their current giveaway "Navy Seals Tactical Package."

If you follow the "Can't wait to win it? BUY IT!" link for the GSG MP5 Sport Pistol you get a page that shows a picture of the pistol and describes it as:
ATI GSG-5 Rifle
ATI GSG MP5 Sport Pistol, GERG2210MP5P, .22 LR, 10 round
American Tactical Imports Handguns (Pistols)
Product ID: 77935
UPC: 892756002120

The "rifle" and "pistol" lines in the text may be a little confusing, but the photo, UPC, and the specs given below it are clearly for the pistol version.

The reviews listed are a mix of pistol/rifle/carbine reviews. That's not really unusual for a company whose website is managed by people who can't tell one item from another.

But then we get to the "Frequently Bought Together" section of the page. That section SAYS "ATI GSG-5 Rifle" (but shows the pistol) plus the retractable shoulder stock for a package price of $410.94 with the typical ADD TO CART button. If you click the button it puts both items in your shopping cart. Product 77935 and Product 79520.

77935 is the pistol "ATI GSG MP5 Sport Pistol, GERG2210MP5P, .22 LR, 10 round" and 79520 is the shoulder stock "American Tactical Imports GSG Retractable Stock, GER202261, Black, 22 Cal, Synthetic"

The adjustable stock is meant to go on the rifle converting it into a 'carbine'

I have not personally handled ATI's cute 22 caliber copy of the MP5 so I don't know if you could physically mount the stock onto the pistol version or not; but if the two can fit together (or can readily be modified to fit together) it seems that the combination would constitute an SBR - which would make selling or owning the combination illegal unless registered.

Am I crazy or is this company skating on really thin ice?