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September 30, 1999, 09:23 PM
I'd love to get some info on Smith and Wesson model 1917. I just purchased one with a Brazilian Gov't stamp. My first revolver. Thanks!

James K
September 30, 1999, 09:58 PM

That pistol was part of a contract with Brazil for 25,000 guns. There were two shipments, with most of the guns being shipped in 1938, but about 800 being shipped in 1946. Those I have seen have the Brazilian crest and the date 1937 on the sideplate. There seems to be a mixture of new and surplus parts, as many parts have the eaglehead indicating U.S. acceptance. Whether S&W made those guns using some surplus parts or whether at least some guns were refurbished surplus U.S. WWI guns, I don't know.

The Brazilian guns, like the U.S. guns, fire the .45 ACP round with half moon clips (full moon clips are a recent development) or the .45 Auto Rim. The latter cartridge, now discontinued but often available, has an extra thick rim to take the place of the clip.

Apparently, S&W called the gun the Model 1917 and sold a commercial version as the 1917 Army, but I think that technically, the term "Model of 1917" would have applied only to those guns made for the U.S. government.


P.S. If you are going to shoot it, get some modern grips; the old ones are hurtful to the hand. (Save the old grips for restoration to collector status.)


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