View Full Version : S&W 1000M barrels.

September 27, 1999, 08:50 PM
I recently purchased this shotgun. I really like the feel of it.Were slug barrels made for this gun? Can Mossburg barrels be substituted? Any additional information would be appreciated. Thanks.

Harley Nolden
September 28, 1999, 05:43 AM
According to my records S&W discontinued importing all Howa mfg'd shotguns in 1984. Mossberg continued importation utilizing leftover S&W parts in addition to fabricating their own.

In addition, this model is the same as the Model 3000, Mossberg or S&W. It is also indicated that there was a Slug version of the Model 1000, produced in 1986-1987.

This would indicate to me that the Mossberg is interchangable with the S&W. If at all possible, and you want to change the barrel, I would suggest trying to get the S&W barrel or Mossberg, depending which you have, to keep it as a unit and not a mixed parts gun.


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