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September 6, 1999, 12:28 PM
Hello All,

What was the Model name for Ithaca's Lever action shotgun and approximately what years was it built? What could one expect to pay for one in good condition?

Mounting a scope on it, I think it would make a nifty little slug gun for deer hunting in 12 or 20 Guage. What barrel lengths did it come in?

Harley Nolden
September 6, 1999, 01:36 PM
My records indicate that the Lever Action Ithaca is the Model 66, which came in several gauges and configurations.

Model 66 Standard Supersingle Lever
mfg'd 1963-1978, 24" bbl walnut stock.
Value: NIB=$175.00, Fair=$50.00

Model 66 Youth Model
20 & .410ga only
Value=NIB $225.00, Fair $50.00
Mfg'd 1965-1978

Model 66RS Buck Buster
Same as the Original Model 66 except in 20ga Deerslayer 22"bbl and rifle sites
Valut=NIB $225.00 Fair=$50.00

Vent Rib
Same as original except with Vent Rib
Mfg'd 1969-1974
Valuse the Same as all others except Youth Model.

Long Tom
Same as standard except 36" bbl @ full choke
Mfg'd 1969-1974

Paul B.
September 6, 1999, 01:41 PM
Contender. I believe you are looking at the Ithaca model 66 Supersingle. Value is whatever the market will stand, but I hope not very much.
When I worked for a gunsmith, we had several of these come in for repairs. On one, the hammer spur snapped off. Another had serious cracks in the receiver, at the hinge pin and breech face.
I think production started in the mid 60's and ended in the late 70's, but I can't define it any closer than that.
Frankly, I think I would pass on that one, based on what I saw while working with that gunsmith.
If I was going to make up a single shot slug gun, I'd use an H&R Topper if I could find one. I did this, and when I loaned it to my son-in-law, well he won't give it back.
If you do decide to get it, look real close at the hinge pin area and at the breech where, if you stood the gun up on its butt, it would form the letter "L". Look for hairline cracks. They could be on one side, or both. I,ve seen them both ways.
Good luck.
Paul B.

September 6, 1999, 04:25 PM
Thanks Harley.

Thanks for the Gun Quality advice Paul. The Topper looks like food for thought.Did you have trouble Drilling and Tapping at the chamber area for a scope base?

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Harley Nolden
September 7, 1999, 07:49 AM
If my memory serves, the receiver was made of what we called "Pot" metal. An alloy metal, light weight, and in my opinion, of little substance. I have to agree, to the gun is not worth what you want to do with it.


Paul B.
September 7, 1999, 06:00 PM
Contender. I hand rings made to fit the front of the barrel for iron sights. The rear sight was mounted on a base silver soldered to the barrel. It's been years since i saw the gun, and if memory serves, the barrel was fairly meaty at the breech. I thick you could drill and tap a fairly shallow hole and it might hold, although I would prefer a steel base of some kind that could be silver soldered too. There would be a lot of enertia to counter on a scope.
Hope that helps some.
Paul B.