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August 21, 1999, 01:29 AM
Doe's Anyone Know Where I Can GET Stripper clips, For A British .303 MK4? The Gun Parts Corp. Catalog Don't Come Out Till October. So Lend a Hand If You Can


Harley Nolden
August 21, 1999, 11:42 AM
You can call Gun Parts, even though the catalog doesn't come out till later. They sometimes can tell you if they have it.


August 21, 1999, 01:40 PM
You might try Springfield Sporters, Inc at (724)254-2626. They sell tons of Enfields and related parts.

IMA (908)903-1200 or www.ima-usa.com (http://www.ima-usa.com) also advertises tons of Enfield stuff. In fact, here's the link to the page (towards bottom) offering them: http://www.ima-usa.com/p97.html

August 22, 1999, 04:10 AM
Shotgun News, which is available in every newstand around here, usualy has a section with all sorts of parts for Enfields for sale, including stripper clips.

Big Bunny
August 24, 1999, 10:12 PM
Take care with the rims arrangement and the right way up when loaded!Have fun, the clips here are sold for less than 5c each, but Gunparts will be $1.50, I bet.

***Big Bunny***

Danger Dave
August 25, 1999, 01:48 PM
You might want to try SARCO, too. The have a website - www.sarcoinc.com (http://www.sarcoinc.com) .

And what Big Bunny said about the rims - absolutely watch the stagger! I think that's the only real problem with the Enfield as a WWII battle rifle - the rimmed casings. I used to do WWII reenactment (No. 2 Commando) - when you get rims crossed in your magazine and try to work the bolt - forget it! You wind up picking the rounds out with your fingers until you get to some that work. After fighting with this a few times, I carried my quick reload ammo loose and just used the stripper for extras.

For some reason, I never had trouble with Soviet equipment (Tokarev and Mosin-Nagant's) using stripper clips, even though the 7.62x54 has a larger rim than .303.

August 25, 1999, 05:02 PM
The Nagant uses a different magazine setup that doesn't require the rims to be "upper forward". It also loads and ejects better than the Enfield. The Enfield it so pretty and smooth, it deserves a better mag setup.