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August 14, 1999, 07:04 PM

I have a Mod 98 that I would like some background on if possible.

I was told it is a Finish Arsenal Rework. It has a light-colored laminated stock, hooded front sight and Nazi Eagle markings all over.

The original SN is 37xx which is struck through and a new number 471xx marked above. All visable pieces are numbered to the rifle.

On the left side of the reciever ring is HAER. Left side of the barrel is marked KAL 7.62 m/m. Top of the reciever has bcd over 43.

All information would be welcomed.



Harley Nolden
August 16, 1999, 07:56 AM
Is the stock custom or military issue?

August 16, 1999, 12:34 PM

I was told it is a military issue stock. It has a wooden cover on the foreend and slots through which a sling is looped in the butstock.

Are you aware of arsenal reworked Finnish Mausers of this type?



James K
August 16, 1999, 02:43 PM
Hi, Noel,

I doubt it is a Finnish rework, as they never used the .30-'06. The bcd and 43 are the original manufacturer (Gustloff) and the date. The laminated stock is also the German original.

Is there a little half round cut in the top rear of the front receiver ring just ahead of the magazine? These were to allow use with stripper clips and military conversions generally have them.

I wonder if it may be Danish. The Danish word for Army is Haer, and Denmark did use the .30-'06 and adopted the M1 in the post-war period. Converting Mausers to the U.S. caliber would make sense.


August 16, 1999, 04:57 PM

It may indeed be Danish, any feedback on the quality of the '43 rifle and rework?

It does have a stripper clip cut.

I have not shot it yet, but I hope it is a good servicable piece.

Thanks for any info on the Danes you may have.


James K
August 16, 1999, 09:38 PM
Hi, Noel,

Mystery solved. It is a Norwegian rework. Haer is also Norwegian for Army and the renumbering was done at the time of conversion.

There is some more about this on the "German Weapons Collectors Forum" at www.gunandknife.com. (http://www.gunandknife.com.)


August 17, 1999, 12:57 PM
Thanks for the help Jim, the collectors forum was a good reference!

Thanks again and thanks to HJN,