View Full Version : Another Spanish Mauser??

hollow point
August 16, 1999, 08:06 AM
A guy threw a rifle in with a few guns I purchased the other month. He said it was a 1916 Spanish Mauser and I took it at face value. After looking around for info on it, I read that the Spanish Mausers are either F-7 or f-8 with their serial numbers starting with 7 or 8 to tell which they are. This gun starts wit OT-XXXX. There is only one other mark on the gun, it is behing the action on to of the gun and it appears to be a cross inside a cirle. As for the resot of the description, it is chambered for .308 NATO, the barrel has a lip about halfway down where the diameter decreases. The bolt is bent at an angle and the front site is a post with two pieces of metal on either side, kinda like a ghost sight. Any help would be appreciated, or I can send someone pictures if they think it would help. TIA...

Big Bunny
August 16, 1999, 07:14 PM
HP... I feel you may have a La Corunna Arsenal cavalry carbine in a 7.62 NATO conversion. I may have lost its saddle-ring. I have a similar M96 Mauser with volley sights and a holster protected foresight, as you describe. Barrel is (very!) short and is a great little scrub-gun, but the foresight needs extending for range-work. Let me know how you go...(quality is not as good as the Swedish M96 and I would have it checked before firing it.)