View Full Version : Spanish Mauser M93

Wild Child
August 12, 1999, 02:15 PM
Hi Guys
Ijust bought a Spanish Mauser M93. The caliber says 7.62 on it. Can any one tell me anthing abought this rifle?What is its historical significance? Can I shoot .308 win ammo through it. I hade its head space checked and thats ok. The barrel looks good. However from the little I can find It seems that the 93 actions are not as strong as the m98's. So do I have a shooter or a looker?

James K
August 12, 1999, 09:40 PM
Lots of 1893 type actions have been rebarrelled for the 7.62 NATO. They seem to hold up all right for at least a limited amount of firing. (Range sessions, hunting. I don't know about 10k endurance tests!)

Actually the rifle is about as strong as the '98 locking wise. The lack of a safety lug bothers a lot of people, but for a safety lug to be needed, both front lugs have to break or shear. This is unlikely in the extreme with any reasonable load.

They also don't handle gas escape from a blown head as well as the '98 does.

I have fired those Spanish conversions and never felt in danger. I would stick to NATO spec military or moderate handloads; some commercial ammo is pretty hot for the old guns. A headspace check would be a good idea.

Incidentally, they were intended for the Spanish standard 7.62 NATO loading, not the light CETME loads.