View Full Version : Soliciting opinions/reccommendations for a 7x40 binos for hunting

May 18, 2011, 11:45 AM
I have a pair of 6x binos from WW2 that I use when hunting that I dearly love, however they do fog up on occasion. I am thinking of migrating to a 7x40 pair to use when those weather conditions arise. I've come to love and depend on the range reticle, so a pair of surplus military binos is probably what I am gravitating towards. 6x seems to have gone the way of the dino, it appears, but I'm open to any option. Here's my list of musts:

Good low light viewing (6x is great in low light, hence the desire to move up only to 7x)
Nitrogen filled. (no more fogging)
Sealed/waterproof (duh)
light weight (is a function of price, I know...)
reticle (I can live without, but I'd prefer not to)

any thoughts appreciated.

edit: price is not the primary purpose of this conversation. I'm looking for info and ideas, but it IS the elephant in the room whenever you start talking optics, so I will say that less is more. E.g: if I am looking at a $1300 purchase, I can think of 1300 reasons not to buy it. If the price is $300, I can only think of 300 reasons. My father in law has a pair of 1200 swarovskis that are indestructible, but I don't see me buying/needing that kind of beauty/expense for a backup pair of binos.

May 18, 2011, 12:23 PM
Went through the ends of the internet and local shops 2 yrs ago on the same quest...looked at many hunting type/sized binos...after it was all said and done I got a pair of Leupold cascades 8x42s...couldn't be happier. I looked at compareable Nikons, Vortex, pentax, Bushnells, etc but didnt have anything I thought sealed the deal like these did. They have a no questions asked Lifetime warranty, locking diopter so you wont ever have to refocus during stressful times out in the field (was a huge selling point to me), EXCELLENT low light transmission makes viewing deer in the field at dusk quite easy. Perfect non obtrusive size and weight makes carrying them around very easy as well, esp with the shoulder harness they make now. I ordered mine from opticsplanet .net for 258.00 shipped. Since I've had them my Dad and 2 good hunting buddies ended up buying the same model after looking through and using mine...:p

May 19, 2011, 11:19 AM
Thanks, mate!