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June 20, 1999, 08:44 PM
I can't believe just as I was about to post this, I see someone
else had beat me to it ! This must be THE place to come with
these questions. I'm not sure of model #, but I have a Ted Williams
20 ga. pump gun with an adjustable choke. Is this a 1200 ? Would
that make all parts interchangeable ?

June 20, 1999, 09:10 PM
Check that. Just found the owner's manual - it's
a "Model 21 Pump Action Shotgun, Deluxe 20 Ga."
So, back to my question - what is it, really ?
Also, it has a 27" barrel. I want to use it for home defense,
what would be the shortest barrel that would not
sacrifice utility as a sport gun ?

Harley Nolden
June 21, 1999, 06:22 AM
Is your's a Sears model 21 or Ted Williams Model 21?

Many mfg's made shotguns for Sears. Winchester, High Standard, Itaca and the like. Although I don't have the listing on that particular Ted Williams, My records indicate the the Sears model 21 is a High Standard model K2011, slide action shotgun.

Jim correct me on this:

I am not sure, but if I remember right, although stamped Ted Williams model 21, it will also be the Sears Model 21.

If you are going to use it for hunting and home defense I would go to 20" barrel, and don't forget to crown the barrel after you cut it off. Keep in mind that when you cut the barrel, the barrel becomes a cylinder bore.


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James K
June 21, 1999, 04:17 PM
Harley, I think the model numbers are the same whether marked Ted Williams or not. I find some duplication in Sears model numbers and "200" is one of them. It usually is shown as being the Winchester 1200, but is also shown as being used for the Mossberg G-4, an old single shot .410 (discontinued 1940). Really makes research interesting.


June 25, 1999, 10:10 PM
Sorry guys, been away for a while. All documentation says
this is a Ted Williams Model 21, 20 ga., No. 583.2080, if that helps.
So, what is it, and is it any good for my purposes ?
Some follow-ups: what is crowning, and can I do it at home ?
You are right that after a cut, the adjustable choke at the end of the barrel
would be gone, rendering it a pure smoothbore, but isn't that
a common shotgun configuration ? would that affect performance
in a home-def * < 15 yds.* or deer slugger role?
Thanks for your patience with a newbie !

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Harley Nolden
June 26, 1999, 08:07 AM
The adjustable choke may change the color of the horse. As I continue the research of this shotgun I found that High Standard, Supermatic, Deluxe 20 (ii) was issued with an adjustable choke, and made for Sears. In addition the SN hits on the 583, which is High Standard. There is no indication that Winchester provided the adjustable choke. I will attempt to send, by separate email, a slide showing the 1200 Winchester, and the High Standard.

With what you are describing, the shotgun will suit your purpose. Even after shortening the barrel.

Yes Cyl Bore is a common choke size, however, is normally used in riot, police and deer, (slug) guns.

Crowning the barrel is cutting an angle on the muzzle to release the shot, slug and gasses, from the muzzle at the same time, as each departs the muzzle. If crowning is not accomplished, even in a shotgun, the shot pattern, or slug, could have an irratic grouping on the intended tgt.
Cosmetically it makes the gun look better, and doesn't make it amaturish.

I don't know your capabilities as a machienest or gun smith, or what tools or machines you have, so don't know if you can to crowning at home. I would say probably not.


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June 26, 1999, 09:44 PM
Thanks for the info, Harley !! Yeah, based on
the slides, I'm leaning more towards the HighStandard too.
The full-length vent rib and squarish forestock, with the
adjustable (Full/Mod/Imp.Cyl) choke stuck on the end kind
of set it apart. Makes it look kinda like a heavy barrel
varmint gun ! Funny, though, although it's got such a
looong barrel, mag cap is only 4. It takes 3" shells too.
For your edification, most of the parts on the schematic/
parts list are numbered "207xx". Other than that, I would
consider this a solved case. Thanks again.
PS I probably won't go thru the trouble of barrel shortening,
even with a smith, it just seems so unwieldy with a 27 incher.
We'll see.