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May 9, 1999, 09:20 PM
What can you tell me about the s&w model 625 45 acp revolver that has the bbl stamped "45 cal model of 1988"? I'm familiar with the one stamped model of 1989 but not 1988.


Daniel Watters
May 9, 1999, 11:06 PM
The "Model of 1988" was the first limited run of the 625. They were introduced late in 1988 as some sort of ill-conceived IPSC commemorative. They were only available with a 5" underlugged barrel, and I believe they were the first non-snubby N-frame produced as a round-butt. Although this model is commonly referred to as the "625-2", some of the frames were marked simply "625".

The "Model of 1989" were the first cataloged/production models. The frames were marked "625-3" and incorporated features from the 29/629 Classics and MagnaClassics. The immediate visual clue is the longer cylinder stop notches. The "625-3" has been cataloged with 3", 4", and 5" underlugged barrels.

Harley Nolden
May 10, 1999, 07:45 AM
This is a .45 ACP , stainless variation of the Model 25-2," 6 shot, The #3" was discontinued in 1991, The #4 was also discontinued in 1991 or 5" bbl, round butt, full lug barrel, pachmayer grips. New in 1988. This variation has the frame stamped 625-2", roll engraved barrel with .45 Cal. MODEL OF 1988 stamped on the barrel.