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May 9, 1999, 01:36 PM
I was given a Savage Arms Model 170 by my Grandfather recently, and I was wondering if anyone could tell its history. How old would it be and is it worth much now? It was manufactured in Westfield, Mass. It has an old scope on it also. Was that original?

James K
May 9, 1999, 02:17 PM
Either the Savage 170 is not old or I am. Manufacture ran from 1970 to 1981. It was made in .30-30 and .35 Remington; the latter is scarce. There is little collector interest and value runs only about $200 in top condition.

It is not a bad deer rifle.


Harley Nolden
May 9, 1999, 03:44 PM
There are actually 2 models in this series. the model 170 and the 170C. As Jim describes the model 170, the 170C is similar to the 170 with the exception it is made in 30-30 only and has an 18 1/2" barrel. The "C" model was mfg'd from 1974-1981. Although there is not much differnce in the Values the 170C brings about $25.00 more in
top condition.

As for the scope, it is doubtful that that came with the rifle. Unless, "In my gunshow" days I would add a scope to a rifle
to enhance the sale.

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