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Panzer D6
April 22, 1999, 07:41 PM
Not much excitement here, just picked up and old model 29 pump shotgun. It's a real rattletrap, but is it worth anything to collectors, or should I just toss it in the junk gun closet where it belongs?

Panzer D6

James K
April 22, 1999, 08:17 PM
Those guns are of interest to collectors, but only if in very good condition. They are scarce (24k made) but Remingtons never did attract the money like Winchesters. Top dollar around $300-$400, extra for 32 in barrel and trap gun.


P.S. Never toss any gun. Never know when you might need an old junker that works.

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Panzer D6
April 22, 1999, 11:15 PM

Thanks a lot for your reply! I haven't seen many shotguns exactly like it, and I thought it might be a "one of 1000 deal" or something. (wish wish)

Oh,yeah..don't worry, I wouldn't "toss" a gun, in fact I rather love junk guns. I usually look for more modern junk though!

thanks again,

Panzer D6

Harley Nolden
April 23, 1999, 05:39 AM
I am in the same boat you are. I like to old stuff. Just ask my wife. Your shotgun was made in two models, Standard Grade and Target Grade. Both are a hammerless, takedown model, 6 shot, five shell tubular magazine, (you must tactically top it off to make it a 6 shot.) Barrels came in 26" to 32" plain, chocked full, modified or cylinder bore. 7.5lb checkered istol grip stock and slide handle. Made fron 1929-1933.
Top $350.00

The Target model, Model 29T, has the same general specifications as the Model 29A, except has a trap style stock with straight grip, extension slide handle and vent rib. This model was discontinued in 1933. Top $375.00


Panzer D6
April 25, 1999, 08:41 PM
Thanks Harley Nolan,

Yep, you are right on about the Remington. This one is like you described, but in pretty poor shape. It has an interesting recoil reducer and screw on choke also. I probably won't fire it much, since the barrel is adjusted all the way "tight" and still flops around in the receiver.

I just brought home a Mossberg model 44 D, .22 rifle..somebody ran over it and broke the stock off at the grip, and it is coated it rust. The bore was full of mud and now has pits in it. I think this rifle was introduced in '47 or '48 and ran for one year.

Gun Parts Corp. has a good deal on the stocks, and as for the rust-well it's in good hands. :)

Thanks again all, for the replies.

Panzer D6