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May 10, 2011, 04:32 PM
literally she was buried treasure... a friend buried a king cobra for a JIC deal... 5 years later winds up needing some cash and says he'll make me a good deal if i dig it up... long story short, it wasnt properly set for underground storage and water got into it... as i pulled the case from the ground, water was dripping out of it and the price was immediately going down... i soaked it a full day in CLP and the next three days were spent carefully removing parts and the resultant rust from 5 years of being 2 feet deep in floridian sand... on the fourth day of cleaning , i took it to a local smith and he said it all looked fine with the exception of the latch pin assembly, and the rear sight, plus two parts i cant seem to locate: the front sight assembly with the orange insert. and the rear sight windage spring accro... found everything else at numrich thanks to this forum! is there a place that cross references springs, pins, etc? is there a place to find dimensions of things such as the pin in the latch pin assembly? a 5/64 drill bit would make a dandy pin if i had to fashion one but what length?

May 10, 2011, 08:46 PM
Finding Colt sights and sight parts is tough these days because the supply has dried up.
The spring in the Accro windage screw is TINY to say the least. I have no type of cross reference since it's a Colt-dedicated part not used anywhere else.
Colt front sights are almost unobtainable these days for any revolver model.

You can buy exact replicas of Accro and Ellison type sights from Kensight. They also sell replica Python and Anaconda front sights but these will NOT fit the King Cobra or Mark III or V series:


For a new front sight for a King Cobra you can at least try here. Note that the Colt Trooper Mark III, Mark V, and King Cobra all used the same front sight. You can also ask about the Accro windage spring and the latch pin:

(Gotta call)


If you can't find a King Cobra specific latch pin, the same pin in blue was used on the Mark III and Mark V series and will interchange.
Gun Parts has the Mark III and V latch pins.

If you just need the pin that's pressed in the latch pin, the length is long enough to fully engage the cylinder latch release, but no so long that it pushes the release or the side plate up.
Exact length is not critical.

May 11, 2011, 04:32 PM
thanks! i am beginning to see what you mean about the front sight... this one isnt that bad but it sure would be nice to bring her back to snuff... when i get this one finished i'll post a pic or two... and once again i appreciate the help!