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May 9, 2011, 05:14 PM
I just put 150 rounds out of my gun 20 minutes ago. I live out in the boondocks and this is pretty frequent when I am home. Being at home I don't normally think about creating a bag specifically for shooting practice. I learned from this mistake and I have now come up with some items that are a MUST HAVE for the shooting bag(outside of gun, targets, bullets, hearing/eye protection, and staple gun). Edit if you wish. None of these are revolutionary.

1)Notepad and Pen- We all know how important information is. I personally use my cell phone to make notes in, but nothing beats the pen and paper for notes and doodles. The pen you can obviously mark the target as well.

2)Tape- Let's face it...the pen circle method doesn't always work for remembering where you landed those bullets. You can keep using the same target if you just cover up the holes. Also a nice way of modifying your target(shoot left of the tape or make a box with it and only shoot in the box). Obviously you can hang the target up too.

3)Plastic Bag- for clean up.

4)Speed Loaders

5)Water- Dehydration SUCKS! This will keep you out there.

6)Hat- I don't usually wear one, but it is nice for those bright days.

7)FOOD!- Pack of crackers or something. It is nice to keep you out there a little longer if you get hungry.

8)BUG SPRAY!- I cannot stress this enough, my ankles are so bit up at the moment because Florida is such a lovely place to be when there is standing water you do not know about. I had to come back inside because of the mosquitos.

9)Bandana- it is a rag, but also something to tie around your face because of bugs or dust on the range. Wish I had one earlier.

10) HEADACHE MEDICINE- I don't know how many of you frequent ranges with a cover, but I put a pack of B/C powder into my bag because I get headaches after shooting my short barrels under those covers even WITH ear protection.

11)Sun Screen

This is all I have for now. I carry alot of this stuff in my truck normally, but to save me a trip back to the truck or to just make sure I have it whenever I shoot I am putting all of this into my bag. If you have any other items that we don't normally think about or things that we should remember go right ahead and add them to the list. I think it is nice to share ideas like this with the rest of us shooters for our bags. Again I am not claiming these are revolutionary ideas, but maybe things that we should think about when we go to the range.

May 9, 2011, 07:20 PM
If you are going to shoot under a cover and the noise bothers you as described, I would recommend carrying a pair of ear plugs & muffs that will go over them.

All the rest sounds great plus .......... plenty of ammo:D

May 9, 2011, 10:56 PM
Amen to that. I actually usually do that, but the concussion sometimes can give you a headache. Not to mention the constant blinking depending on volume of fire. I actually had to put my arm in a sling this past week because I practiced kali bag work, some other work outs, and then after I shot my arm was so sore that I couldn't sleep at night.

May 10, 2011, 02:26 AM
A shooting mat. I like to practice in a prone position as much as a shooting bench. Plus at the end of practice it is nice to lay out all the parts on a mat/pad and not be rolling off the table.

May 10, 2011, 07:41 AM
If you're going to eat & drink at the range baby wipes or something similar to remove the dirt, lead & powder from your hands before touching food.